The genus Colchicum in Greece

 By Sotiris Alexiou

revised and last updated, August 2017


  •      Greece and Turkey are the two main regions of diversity and speciation for the genus Colchicum. 31 species (32 taxa) have been recorded from Greece, 14 of them endemic (35 in the Balkan peninsula). Turkey has similar numbers: 35 species (36 taxa), 14 of them endemic.  
  •      So, this is a survey of genus Colchicum L. in Greece. The survey is based on the existing literature. Aim of this site is to promote the study of the genus all around Greece, with the use of field work as well as collections.
  •      Colchicaceae comprise c. 250 species and 15-21 genera of rhizomatous or cormous perennial geophytes, distributed all over Eurasia, tropical Africa and N America. Colchicum, along with the mainly African genus Androcymbium, both constitute the monophyletic tribe Colchiceae. It is still uncertain whether Colchicum sould expand to include, at least, Androcymbium


  •      The genus Colchicum (incl. Merendera Ramond, 1801 and Bulbocodium L., 1753), contains 99 species (Persson 2007). Here, we accept the inclusion of genus Merenda Ramond (species with wholly free perianth segments) to Colchicum s. str. (species with segments connate into a tube).
  •      Monumental for the understanding of this difficult genus in Greece (incl. the E Aegean islands), were the revisions made by K. Persson with a number of papers (1988-1999). New species were described (1988: C. graecum and C. pulchellum, 1999a: C. confusum, C. chimonanthum and C. rausii)  and clarification of the situation of many earlier ill-described species, mainly autumn-flowering with large-leaved species (C. parnassicum, C. euboeum, C. autumnale, C. hanaldii, were made. Since then, two more species have been described:  C. sfikasianum (Kit Tan & Iatrou, 1995) and C. asteranthum (Vassiliades & Persson 2002). A synopsis of the genus was made by Persson (2007). Finally, the first phylogenetic analysis of the genus was conducted recently (Persson et al. 2011). In Persson’s work is this article almost completely based on, and to her, it is dedicated. Thank you, Karin!!!


The Colchicum species of Greece:

(in alphabetical order)

          1.  Colchicum asteranthum Vassiliades & K. Persson, 2002

          2.  Colchicum atticum Spruner, 1840

          3.  Colchicum autumnale L., 1753

                   4. Colchicum balansae Planch., 1855

          5.  Colchicum bivonae Guss., 1821

          6.  Colchicum boissieri Orph., 1876

          7.  Colchicum burttii Meikle, 1977

          8.  Colchicum chalcedonicum Azn., 1897 subsp. chalcedonicum

          9.  Colchicum chimonanthum K. Persson, 1999

   10. Colchicum confusum K. Persson, 1999

   11.   Colchicum cretense Greuter, 1967

            12.  Colchicum cupanii Guss., 1827 

   13.  Colchicum doerfleri Halácsy, 1897

   14.  Colchicum euboeum (Boiss.) K. Persson, 1998

15.  Colchicum graecum K. Persson, 1988

16.  Colchicum haynaldii Heuff., 1858

17. Colchicum lingulatum Boiss. & Spruner, 1844 subsp. lingulatum

18. Colchicum macrophyllum B.L.Burtt, 1951

19. Colchicum parlatoris Orph., 1876

20. Colchicum parnassicum Sartori, Orph. & Heldr., 1859

21. Colchicum peloponnesiacum Rech. f. & P. H. Davis, 1949

22. Colchicum pulchellum K. Persson 1988

           23. Colchicum pusillum Sieber, 1822

           24. Colchicum rausii K. Persson, 1999

           25Colchicum sfikasianum Kit Tan & Iatrou, 1995

           26. Colchicum soboliferum (Fisch. & C.A.Mey.) Stef., 1926

           27. Colchicum stevenii Kunth, 1843

           28. Colchicum triphyllum Kunze, 1846

           29. Colchicum turcicum Janka, 1873

           30. Colchicum variegatum L., 1753

       31. Colchicum zahnii Heldr. 

Κύρια βιβλιογραφία

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