100 Endemic Plants of Greece

Greece has approximately 1000 endemic plant species (out of a total of approximately 5800 species). This book offers a portrait of 100 endemic plants, belonging to 24 families and 46 genera.

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Τhe butterflies of the C Aegean island of Iraklia

Giannis Gavalas is the leading naturalist of the Kiklades (Cyclades) islands. Over the last years he has been recording the nature of the islands.

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Parnassiana Archives

Parnassiana Archives, is a journal published by Wild Greece Editions, with articles about wild life of Greece.

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Series Reticulati


Crocus Series Reticulari in Greece 

This group of crocuses was refined in a much narrower sence by Harpke et al. (2014), thus including in Greece only C. orphei. Spring flowering, style with 3 branches, corm tunics reticulate, splitting into a disc basaly.





  • Crocus orphei Κaramplianis & Constantinidis, 2014   Feb-Mar.            Endemic to Mt Falacron (NE Greece)         

Fls lilac, throat white to pale yellow, striped outside. Filaments yellow, anthers yellow. Style somewhat exceeding stamens, divided into 3 branches. Lvs 4-5, very narrow, synanthous. Tunics membranous, coarsely reticulate-fibrous splitting into a disc with radial fibres basally and forming a neck apically. 

Chromosome number: 2n=12.

Άνθη λιλά, με σκούρες λωρίδες εξωτερικά, λαιμός λευκός έως απαλά κίτρινος. Νήματα κίτρινα, ανθήρες κίτρινοι. Στύλος ελαφρώς μεγαλύτερος των ανθήρων, διαιρεμένος σε 3 βραχίωνες. Φύλλα 4-5, πολύ λεπτά, συνάνθια. Χιτώνες μεμβρανώδεις, νηματώδεις -δικτυωτοί, χωρισμένοι σε δίσκο στην βάση τους και σχηματίζοντας λαιμό στην κορυφή.

Χρωμοσωμικός αριθμός: 2n=12.


C. series Reticulati map 

Distribution of Crocus series Reticulati in Greece